Matched Betting Review with Profit Accumulator – What is it?

Matched Betting is a totally legitimate, legal money making system in the United Kingdom that allow’s you to make money online easiler from your armchair. You do not need to take any risks, as with the name says, matched betting means you are betting for and against something to happen.

There are many sites such as that show you from scratch how to use match betting. Have a read of our Profit review as well as read blog posts on how others have gone to make several hundred pounds per month.

Matched Betting Guide to Making Money Online

As long as you are in the UK, you can earn at least £300 a month first by reading the review on matched betting, to a range of Betting sites, running a qualifying bet where you bet for something to happen in a sport such as a horse to win or a football team to win as you would normally do. However, the additional step is to use a betting exchange to bet against something happening, so basically saying you are wanting a horse or team to not win so basically lose.

There are several websites in the UK that allow you to do this such as Betfair, Betdaq, Ladbrokes Exchange and Smarkets. I prefer Betfair for ease of use but to make a little more money, Smarkets is better as their commission on each bet is 2% whereas Betfair is 5% but at the moment im not worried about that.


When you run a qualifying bet you sign up to a bookies as long as you have not used that betting company before and no one at the same address has used them. If for some reason the previous occupant has used them, you can ask their customer service to allow you to sign up as they were not previously used by you.

When you sign up, you find a sports event to bet on and make note of the odds. Its best to change them to decimal to make them easier to read as they are usually set as a fraction. When chosen, make a note and then find the same event on your chosen betting exchange such as Betfair.

You then use a Matched Betting Calculator to work out how much you need to lay at the exchange so if you win or lose, you pretty much break even. Once the game or event has settled in your account, you will be awarded your free bet with the timescale depending on the bookie you are signed up to.

Once you have your free bet, you then run the same process but on the chosen matched betting calculator select Free Bet (SNR) which stands for Stake not returned. All this means is once the game or event ends, you don’t get your stake back if the chosen team or horse loses.

However if it does lose then due to the lay calculation you follow on the matched betting calculator then you will win back your stake at the betting exchange.

Here is an example where Coral are offering a free £20 when you deposit £5

The odds remember are best in decimal and for this example offer they need to be 1.5 or above to quality for the free bet to come.

When you do get the free bet, instead of £20, they give it to you in four lots of £5 which is fine as you can use them for the same game or horse once you do get them.

Anyway, lets do an example horse to bet on and then lay.

Say for example the details were –

Stake £5
Back Odds 2.0
Lay Odds 1.97

This would provide you with a lay of £5.21 that you goto betfair and bet against this winning, so using the pink boxes.

Overall for this qualifying bet you would lose £0.05 so 5 pence.

Now when Coral have given you the four lots of £5 (£20) you do the same again but instead of betting £20, you do each one as £5 so run the calculator as £20 stake or £5 and do it four times to find either the lay amount and liability for the £20 stake in itself and divide by 4 or do it as a £5 and do it four times as mentioned.

Example –

  • Back stake £20
  • Back Odds – 5.5
  • Lay Odds – 5.5
  • Lay amount £16.51
  • Liability £74.30

Overall profit for this offer will be £15.71 – Nice eh!

Now this is something you can do for most of the bookies within the UK, there are quite a few forums that go into what to do for each one.

Once you have done the initial offers, then as long as you selected for the bookies to be able to contact you, will get all sorts of offers to play through over the coming months.

I am far from a better, infact have lost money in the past so am totally against betting but this is a strategy where you are placing money on both sites so cancels out, earning the free bet and making money from it.

It’s been around for years and looks like the strategy will be here for many years to come. There are people doing this fulltime, although I doubt I could see myself doing it as much as its good fun. Have a look around this site for more signup offers and how to complete them.

If you are stuck, feel free to get in touch with any questions or to just say hi as we are all in the UK.

Remember Matched Betting isnt gambling, it’s just fun.