Why do you need prompt Water Damage Restoration Services

Dealing with the ravages of water damage in your residence or commercial establishment is one of the toughest circumstances faced by the property owner. Whenever your property suffers from major water damage the first thing you need to do is call your local water removal and water damage restoration specialists. The more you wait the more damages your property is going to suffer. Even though the flood, storm or plumbing leak might be over the standing water in your property is still a threatening presence. If you are trying to find prompt services inĀ Kansas City water removal then contact the experts of Kade Cleaning System at (816) 888 9653. Their team is always there to help you out with the process of recovery.

How we will help you

  • As soon as we hear from you the first thing we will do is call your insurance provider and talk about the details of the claim process on your behalf.
  • Next we would proceed to remove all the water which is standing in your property. We would take utmost precaution in doing this since the water might contain toxins.
  • After the standing water is removed we will start removing all the damaged items. Your damaged drywall, carpet, subfloors and paddings will be taken out and properly disposed of.
  • In the next step we would start restoring your property with the help of industrial grade drying. All traces of water will be extracted from the floor. We make use of XL LGR Dehumidifiers for drying your house and its contents. The closets, cabinets and interiors of the walls will be treated with antimicrobial substances and thoroughly aerated.
  • All the unsalvageable items such as paint, drywall, subfloors or carpets can now be replaced.
  • Once the process of reconstruction is over our company would start claiming your insurance on your behalf.

With us you can expect the quickest response no matter the time of the day. All you have to do is just give us a call and our specialists would visit your property and immediately start the process of water removal. With us you can be rest assured that your property is in good hands. If there is growth of mold in your property due to water damage we can help you resolve the problem with our top notch mold remediation services.

Thing you need to do before we arrive

In the first 24 hours after any water related disaster you need to take certain remedial measures to stop further damage of your property. Once you have called the water removal specialists of Kade you need to start mitigating any further damage. Given below are a few things you can do while waiting for us to arrive:

  1. Mop and remove the excess water
  2. Wipe the water from your appliances and furniture
  3. Try and take the furniture away from the standing water if possible
  4. Switch on your air conditioner to start the process of drying
  5. Remove all the wet coloured fabrics so as to keep away stains

Protect any items which are salvageable.

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