The Potential of Online Poker and the Gaming Industry

Online Poker

There was a time when every child would wish to play in the park. In some years down the line, with the invention of video games, children in the nineties began playing video games like anything. The same was the case with entertainment for the adults. While old clubs are, still the place to hang out with close friends over a glass of beer, in the weekends, modern technology has taken over this trend. Today, people spend chatting online with their friends. The same transition happened when even the land-based casinos began to move online. Due to this transition, the Soundcloud account of Alex Dreyfus became the name to reckon with respect in this gaming sector. He is one of the pioneers to begin a revolution of a kind in the online gaming world. He is the name behind the popularity of online poker and online entertainment.


When did the transition happen?

Right from the late nineties, when the video games were in full swing, and they were already a big thing as arcade games, the casino industry saw them as opportunities. The video games were the usual racing ones or even action themed fit for people of young age. That was the time when slot machines were still the big bulky machines and with limited games and returns to players, they were fun.

But that was when the computing and visual graphics sector started booming. Soon, with the advent of smartphones, game developing companies took over. That is when top game developers also started producing top styled games.

The actual transition was even then in nascent stage and people were still not accepting things happening all this fast. That was when the games got all the more interesting, prompting the developers to even develop slot games.

Alex Dreyfus on Huffingtonpost claims that he saw this as a potential and that was when he decided to include and work on the same lines with his firm Mediarex Sports & Entertainment firm. This company became the top name in the casino industry. It was not surprising to see the company perform better when there was a scope because the entrepreneur had prior to Mediarex been involved in making many firms succeed.


What was the scope of transition to the online business?

The scope was immense and back in the early 2000s when the world was welcoming the newest of the smartphones, timid games were a big thing. The java based games were gone, and in their place, 3D games became more popular.

The market comprised of young adults and mostly of young working people and the upper class who loved to splurge and even invest in cool handsets. That is when the casinos decided to go to this online base. Today, most of the land based casinos in Malta, and Curacao have become online. The transition was difficult to happen and back then, only the slot games were the titles online. It was in the middle 2000’s when the games were becoming popular. Even then, it was not plausible to have online version of poker. But the live streaming of poker and bingo was still quite popular.

There are licenses that these casinos get and they get external auditing firms doing regular checks. The casino operators then decided to bring in some parity and uniformity regarding transparency and give a new dimension to the casino sector online.


The reforms in the casino industry:

A vital phase in the casino industry happened when the casino operators decided to get together and do something about responsible gambling and transparency. These two issues were not much of a priority until recently.

Today, with the casinos coming online, many cases were coming up of casinos using wrong methods to trick patrons. They started having more advantage or using wrongful methods to not let players win. These issues came up in courts of law and that was when the consensus happened that all the casinos should have a restriction and must get regular checks and auditing from third party auditing firms.

Poker then became online and soon, names of Mediarex Sports & Entertainment became hugely popular. Alex Dreyfus took up the initiative to come up with cool strategies to ensure that he gave live dealers and even ensured that the game of Poker reached beyond the US.

Today, over 70% of the world knows and plays Poker online. The game developer Mediarex Sports & Entertainment became associated with this huge business of online Poker. The company has today with sheer dedication, got the Global Poker Index in 2012. Today, around 4 million players are playing Poker online. The firm has become the organizer of the Global Poker League and it finds international acclaim.

Today the firm has also become a hub and a top name in the poker industry and it is the shining star of the casino industry.

Secure Money with Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency has seen an astounding leap in its relatively shorter history and has acquired talks among many superpower countries around the globe, for its unbelievable boom and state-of-the-art security features associated with it. In this era of digitalization, the concept of e-wallets have featured as a poster child of monetary investments and savings. Cryptocurrency Wallet is one such wallet, which has helped the course of digitalization to experience a wonderful push towards one more invention.


More about Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet is a super secure digital wallet, which is used in a great list of cryptocurrency transaction purposes. Bitcoins are perhaps the most used and featured forms that broadly feature in the world of monetary transactions and in case of these wallets.

Cryptocurrency assets are stored in the wallets in the form of a digital code, which is backed with a secure pin available to the owners only. The presence of private and public keys helps to a great deal to the users as the anonymity of these transactions is carried out in a lot quieter way.


Popular Wallet Services

Cryptocurrency Wallet is a premier service, which is carried out by numerous 3rd party services, registered by the trusted sources. This means, the wallets are safe from any 3rd party and unwanted attention towards one’s accounts. Here are some of the popular wallets, which offer different modes of money acceptance in the forms of bitcoins.

  • Ledger Nano: This is a leading hardware wallet company, which is committed in providing a foolproof solution of safeguarding funds and assets in terms of cryptocurrency. The rates of this service are affordable and the wallet-software integration feature assures smooth transactions.
  • Trezor: Trezor is one more famous name in the league of cryptocurrency, which is more focused in providing an unrivaled security system for the owners to perform. The provision of multiple step security authentications allows the users to access their profile accounts and this rest assures to relive the user from having any mild fear of losing everything.
  • KeepKey: KeepKey is one more popular hardware wallet, which comes with a list of customer favorable features in the first place. With this said, the features offered in the hardware wallets such as the hierarchical deterministic wallet, sums up the wallets unique property of acting like a specific software, which is designed for storing private keys for the customer. Although it might look marginally more expensive than many of its close counterparts, rest assured the wallet is set to safeguard all the assets and currencies from almost every possible loopholes discovered so far.


Cryptocurrency Wallet is arguably one of the best inventions in the world of cryptocurrency, which allows the transactions takes place in a lot more secure environment. The presence of security features offered by different 3rd party wallet providers is worth mentioning in all sense as the wallet can be used, only with secure keys, both to the sender and receiver.